The TOUR and the DUO are designed for easy set up, multiple training functions and compact storage.  They may be used together or separately as shown below.  Use the TOUR to improve putting face angle impact position, putting alignment and solid ball contact.   Use the DUO mirror side to improve your head and eye position.  The flip side of the DUO adds Putter and Ball Gate training for solid contact and accurate starting lines.

Flight Deck TOUR recommended Training techniques

1) The Flight Deck TOUR should be set up 3 to 12 feet from the hole square to the line of the putt.

2) We recommend warming up by first setting up to the Flight Deck without a ball in the channel.  Practice making strokes and try to impact each rubber pad simultaneously.  Feedback of square putter face angle is immediate.  You may add difficulty to this drill by using one hand only and or performing this drill with your eyes closed.  These drills will enhance your feedback and skill level.

3) After warming up, add a ball into the back of the deck channel between the blocks and make normal strokes focusing on solid and square impact on the ball.  It is important to hold your finish flat against both impact blocks.  Retaining this finish position trains you to repeat square impact.

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Are you Ready to Improve Your Putting with Flight Deck?

The Flight Deck Putting products include the TOUR model Impact trainerDUO reversible mirror, and start line trainer.

They are designed to help golfers achieve a more consistent alignment, eye position, contact, start line and square impact position.