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Flight Deck DUO


The Flight Deck DUO is a dual sided putting trainer.  One side is a high grade stainless steel mirror for eye alignment.  Flip it over to a durable, scratch proof, polycarbonate side with graphics for ball start line and tee gate training.  The Flight Deck DUO can be used in conjunction with the Flight Deck TOUR impact trainer.  Also, it is travel friendly and stores easily in your golf bag!

Flight Deck KIT


The Flight Deck Putting Kit is a compact, multi functional putting training system.  The Kit includes the dual sided DUO and the Flight Deck TOUR Impact trainer.  The DUO has a mirror side for proper eye alignment and a reverse side with graphics for start line and tee gate drills.   Three putting tools in one easy travel size pouch!

Flight Deck TOUR


The Flight Deck TOUR is a putting impact trainer designed to improve putting alignment, solid contact and square impact.  The unique impact blocks help ensure a square putting face angle for more accurate putting.  The Flight Deck TOUR is lightweight, compact and stores easily in your golf bag.