The Flight Deck Putting trainer prototype was unveiled at the Quicken Loans National in late June, 2018. The PGA TOUR event was held at TPC Potomac in Potomac, MD. With the valuable information and feedback received from the top players in the world we designed and perfected the Flight Deck.



Flight Deck Putting improves the acceleration graph of the putter head.

Contrary to what many believe, in this graph provided by the 3D Capto analysis software it is possible to observe (green curve) the ideal oscillatory curve of the acceleration value of the putter head during its pendulum.

As it is possible to observe, the acceleration near the impact (orange vertical line) should be canceled in order to favor a contact with the ball at a constant head speed.

Flight Deck Teaches Just This! It teaches a natural deceleration capable of guaranteeing solid strokes and better control not only of direction but also of distance.

At Impact, the putter head should never be in acceleration, The best putters stroke arrive at impact at a constant speed so as to minimize the risk of unnecessary rotation and unexpected speed changes of the putter head through impact.

Ps: in light blue it is possible to observe the natural and wrong tendency of most golfers to excessively accelerate the head of the putter precisely at the impact.