PGA Tour Tested

The Flight Deck prototype was unveiled at the 2018 Quicken Loans National. The PGA TOUR event was held at TPC Potomac.  PGA TOUR players feedback was factored into the design and development of the Flight Deck “TOUR” model.

The Flight Deck TOUR model is now in use by dozens of players on the PGA Tour, Korn Ferry Tour, Champions Tour, European Tour, Korean PGA and LPGA Tour.  These players know the value of square and solid putting impact.  Putting is the most important part of the game with impact being the most important position!

Jared Wolfe, PGA Tour

Putter Acceleration and Flight Deck TOUR


Testing with Top Coaches and Players discovered that the Flight Deck TOUR can improve putter acceleration profilesWhen golfers see that the impact blocks will not allow acceleration to and beyond impact, they tend to:

  • Use enough back stroke.
  • Are smoother in transition. 
  • Create the needed acceleration earlier vs later in the downstroke.
  • Are closer to a constant speed at impact without uncontrolled acceleration.

These benefits promote better speed control and accuracy since over acceleration at the wrong time (in the impact zone) leads to loss of speed and face angle control.

The best putters arrive at impact at a constant speed to minimize risk of unnecessary rotation and unexpected speed changes of the putter head through impact.

The 3D Capto putting analysis graph below shows the ideal acceleration (green curve) of the putter head during the stroke.  Ideally, the putter head is no longer accelerating at impact (orange vertical line).  This allows for more consistent contact with the ball at a constant putter head speed.  Note: In light blue, the incorrect tendency of most golfers to excessively accelerate the head of the putter near impact.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 4.23.41 PM
Ryan McCormick
2018 Quicken Loans National, PGA TOUR