“The Flight Deck TOUR trains impact to be more solid and square.  It’s so simple that it gets people to feel the crash or impact of a solid hit. I always have one in my bag.”

Stan-3Stan Utley,  Top Short Game Coach,  PGA Tour Winner,  PGA Tour record holder: Fewest putts in nine holes (6 putts), 2002 Air Canada Championship,  Golf Digest ranked 25th among America’s 50 Greatest Teachers.


“The Flight Deck TOUR is a simple yet effective way of seeing, feeling and practicing how to square the clubface while putting. Impact training for putting is pure genius!”





Erika Larkin, PGA   Golf  Digest No. 1 Teacher in Virginia.  Golf Magazine Top 100.



“Flight Deck is a perfect external cues tool that allows players to self organize two of the techniques I consider important in putting: Peak velocity at impact and Square line of compression to the target line at impact.” 




Jong Hwan Choi,  CHOI JONG HWAN PUTTING ACADEMY . Founder & Coach





“For a long time I was looking for a putting aid able to teach a very solid and square contact and, most important, the capability to reduce acceleration before impact.  I finally found it in Flight Deck Putting Trainer.  I love it and I trust it!  I use it every single day to improve my personal and all of my students putting stroke.”   

Andrea Zanardelli , PGA Coach and Owner of the Andrea Zanardelli Golf Academy


Customer Reviews

Helps with correct alignment on the stroke. – Thomas S.

The feel is instant. Nice teaching tool. – Steve F.

Unbelievable training aid! – Ryan S.

Great service. Quick ship. After working with this for a week, I’m really seeing it help me square the putter face at impact. Great product. – Paul O.

I wish I could use this on the course! – Claude D.

I have been working to get the ball started on line and a shorter follow through than my backswing. The Flight Deck Tour is helping me to accomplish both goals. The bumpers help to train a square face at impact and by stopping the putter head, it encourages solid contact with the golf ball. – David B.