Is the Flight Deck used only for short putts?  

While the recommended range is 4 – 12 feet, working from longer distances of 15 to 25 feet is also beneficial.  One of the benefits of mid to longer training is that it encourages golfers to take a long enough backstroke in order to gain momentum earlier in the downstroke.  Many poor putters tend to have a shorter backstroke forcing them to accelerate in the impact zone leading to inconsistent speed and face angle control.  A too short backstroke and rapid impact acceleration also promotes what we call the Yips!


Will the Flight Deck help me with my “Yips”?

Absolutely!  One of the major causes of the “Yips” is the fear of impact.  The Flight Deck helps overcome that fear by improving and enhancing the feel of a solid and square impact with each stroke made against the impact blocks.


When should I use the Flight Deck? 

Anytime you like!  Thanks to its compact design and lightweight travel size, you can keep it in your golf bag and set it up for a pre-round quick check up before heading to the course. Post round or anytime for more intense training. 


Can I use the Flight Deck at home indoors?

Currently no, but stay tuned, our indoor version is coming and will be available very soon!


Why did you name it “Flight Deck”?

The best players “Land” their putter on the ball at impact.  This style can be best described as jet landing vs taking off.  This is why you see most top professionals using a longer back stroke to shorter follow through motion. The putter is in better control when coasting into the ball thus leading to better control of both the distance and accuracy. 

Are you Ready to Improve Your Putting with our PGA Tour Testing Putting Practice Aid?

The Flight Deck Putting products include the TOUR model Impact trainerDUO reversible mirror, and start line trainer.

They are designed to help golfers achieve a more consistent alignment, eye position, contact, start line and square impact position.