I’ve seen some unusual training aids before, but I must admit hearing about an impact putting training aid really sparked my interest. If your interested in improving your putting face angle at impact this may be the perfect training aid for you.

The product is called Flight Deck Tour and the Flight Deck Duo. The Flight Deck Tour is an impact putting training aid developed to improve your alignment and help with making solid contact and square impact. It has a very unique putting block at the end which helps to train you to have a square putter face at impact which is critical to putting success.

The Flight Deck Duo is also a very unique putting training aid that has 2 sides to practice with. One side has a stainless steel mirror on it to help with your eye alignment, while the other side scratch proof polycarbonate that has graphics for ball start line and tee gate training. Both sides offer an array of training help and will definitely help improve your putting skills.

You can also you the Flight Deck Tour in conjunction with the Flight Deck Duo and now have a variety of putting training options. I tried both separately and together over several weeks and without a doubt my putting has improved. I would estimate after 2 weeks of regular practice with these training aids, I’m 2-3 putts less per round. The Duo and Tour work, and I will continue taking both to the practice putting green to continue to improve my putting.

The company website is www.flightdeckputting.com and the Tour model costs $44.99, the Duo costs $54.99, and the combo kit with both costs $84.99. Also each one is very portable and easily fits in your golf bag so you can take to the golf course or when you travel.

It does take time and practice as with any training aid. However, I can assure you that the Tour and Duo both do a great job in helping you to improve your putting, which as we all know is the most important part of everyone’s golf game.

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