“Flight Deck trains impact to be more solid and square to the putting line” 

PGA TOUR Winner and Top Putting Coach, Stan Utley

Featured Product: Flight Deck Putting KIT

Includes our Flight Deck TOUR and DUO. Multiple uses! Train Impact, Alignment, Eye position, Start line and Tee Gate drills!



  • PUTTING is the most important part of the game
  • IMPACT is the most important position in Golf

Would you agree that putting impact training is a good idea?

Welcome to Flight Deck Putting! Our products are designed to improve the critical factors of your putting stroke:  

  1. Alignment  
  2. Face Angle
  3. Impact

When you miss a putt from short range, at least one of these factors were involved.

The Flight Deck TOUR and the Flight Deck DUO provide positive and immediate feedback! Training with either will make shorter distance putts easier.

During practice or before a round, use our products and develop a consistently square face angle at impact for more precise putting. 

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