Putting Impact Training

Solid | Square | Impact

Flight Deck Putting products include our flagship TOUR and TOUR SOFT and its complement, the DUO, a dual purpose mirror and start line trainer.  Training with our products improve putting alignment, eye position, contact, start line and impact face angle position.

What is the Flight Deck Tour and how does it work?

The Flight Deck Tour is an impact trainer for putting.  Your putter approaches impact with the ball positioned just 10mm behind two impact pads.  The impact pads are set square to the intended line of putt.  The impact with the ball and the pads ingrains the feel of a square face angle.

A square face angle at impact means putts start accurately on the intended line.  With each stroke, the feel of solid and square impact is ingrained! For best results, we recommend maintaining the square finish position for several seconds flush against the impact pads!

NEW Product - Flight Deck TOUR SOFT!

High Tech Sorbothane Impact absorbing Pads for less vibration and a softer feel.

“The Flight Deck is a genius! It provides valuable alignment and impact feedback.  Also, the DUO provides visual feedback and it has a nice start line training function on the flip side. 

Dr. Craig Farnsworth, “The Putt Doctor”